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How Do We Deal With Illegal Immigrants?

Are you living in Canada illegally?

Are you out of immigration status because your immigration papers has expired?

Was your refugee claim refused and you no longer have status now?

Do you live in fear and uncertainty of being discovered by immigration officials or police and ordered to leave?

You are not alone. Estimates on the number of people living in Canada illegally generally range anywhere from 200,000 to 500,000. We understand that many of you do not want to go home because you have established yourself here in Canada, have a job or business, have children who depend on you, support your families back in your home country or have become accustomed to the Canadian way of life and do not have anything to return to in your home country.

At Olalere Law Office, we understand your goals and aspirations for a better life for yourself and your family. In order to fully achieve your goals and avoid watching your back every day, we believe you have to solve your immigration issues once and for all. At Olalere Law Office, we have the experience to help you in obtaining legal immigration status in Canada. Don't be afraid. Contact us today so that you can begin the process of obtaining permanent residence in Canada today. 


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